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death, mysteries, new bonds . . .
a play about ethics in science and art

Showcasing Canadian Leadership

A crucial springboard. Advanced research in the natural sciences is moving at lightning speed, and many of the resulting achievements are inscrutable not only to citizens but to policy makers. More than ever, scientists have responsibility to consider the ethical implications of their power to change the natural environment and human society. The work of artists is not exempt from moral considerations: some artists are exploiting freedom of expression as a license to plunder the art treasures of the past, commandeer the intellectual property of contemporaries and pervert the visual identities of religious and ethnic groups. Roald Hoffmann’s short play Should’ve offers a springboard for a discussion of ethics in science and art at an undeniably crucial point in history.

Acclaimed playwright: As a Nobel Laureate and passionate spokesperson for publicly understandable chemistry, Dr. Hoffmann opens doors for Should’ve through his reputation alone. Given his continuing prominence in the global chemistry community, his enthusiastic involvement  will most certainly prompts invitations to mount the play on university campuses and at scientific and arts conferences, exactly the contexts in which Should’ve is finding those who can benefit most by reflecting on the issues it addresses. 

International Press about Should’ve:
Chemical & Engineering News, the electronic newsmagazine of the chemical world,
features Should’ve in its current front-page story entitled Experiments of Concern

Chemistry International, the newsletter of  IUPAC, The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, features Should’ve on its May/June 2007 front page story Roald Hoffmann’s Should’ve, Chemistry and Ethics on Stage

Der Spiegel, a German-language newsmagazine, in its recent 33/2007 issue, carries a feature article by Hillmar Schmidt: Chemie ist sehr poetisch.  To view the article, download via:
http://www.roaldhoffmann.com/pn/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file= index&req=viewdownload&cid=2&orderby=titleD 

Peter Brown, host of CBC Radio’s drive home program Edmonton PM, interviewed Roald Hoffmann on air Monday July 16, 2007, while he was in the city to participate in rehearsals for Should’ve. 

Respected team: The three actors cast in the show, and the director and designer are all respected members of the Canadian theatre community. All have depth of experience in developing new scripts. Their successful development of the characters during the three-day workshop process in 2006 assured Dr. Hoffmann that they should be cast in the premiere.

Continued touring: Already, Should’ve is being sought after by academic leaders concerned with ethically training the next generation. The University of Alberta will host performances in Sept. 07, The University of British Columbia in March 08.  The play provides an exciting opportunity to invite interdisciplinary co-operation among the humanities, social and natural sciences. Offered within a conference program or as a co-curricular experience, Should’ve has the potential to contribute to serious discussion about the ethical implications of both scientific research and artistic endeavours—discussion with far-reaching implications for the public good and the natural environment.

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