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death, mysteries, new bonds . . .
a play about ethics in science and art


The King’s University College is proud to host the rehearsal and development of Should’ve, providing its theatre production facilities, administrative support services, and the sabbatical leave of Daniel vanHeyst, Should’ve production manager and designer. www.kingsU.ca



A major gift from The Community Initiatives Fund of Alberta Lotteries supports the artists in their rehearsal and development of Should’ve and the provision of technical production elements .www.albertalotteryfund.ca



The Alberta Foundation for the Arts enabled the artists to travel to Torino IT to present Should’ve at IUPAC 2007. www.affta.ab.ca



The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry sponsors the presentation of Should’ve at the Lingotto Conference Centre in Torino IT as a showcase event on opening day of the 41st World Chemistry Congress. www.iupac.org

IUPAC 2007

The Organising Committee of IUPAC 2007 proudly hosts Should Have Theatre company members through the provision of accommodation, the Lingotto stage, its equipment and staff, and access to the conference.www.iupac2007.org



The Leder Family Foundation (Supreme Steel) supports the presentation of Should’ve as part of The Fall 2007 Interdisciplinary Studies Conference, as well as the development of www.shouldve.kcvs.ca and the further promotion of Should’ve for presentation at campuses and conferences. www.supremesteel.com



Edmonton 2007 Cultural Capital of Canada sponsors Should’ve presentation at Word! Symposium: Talk, Poetry, and Performance.www.edmontonculturalcapital.com, www.edmontonpoetryfestival.com/symposium.asp



The University of Alberta Department of Drama’s Timms Centre for the Arts proudly hosts Should’ve as it participates in The Word symposium on Sept. 21, and for its hold-over public performance in The Second Playing Space on Sept. 22, 2007. www.timmscentre.ca



The University British Columbia Department of Chemistry fully sponsors the opening performance of the March 2008 run of Should’ve at The Frederick Wood Theatre.  www.chem.ubc.ca


Theatre at UBC proudly hosts the March UBC run, and has contributed to the rehearsal and development of this premiere production and its transfer to Vancouver. UBC also supports the participation of its theatre faculty member and Should’ve’s director Stephen Heatley. www.theatre.ubc.ca



Edmonton Arts Council sponsors the performers “per diem” expenses through its Artists’ Travel Fund.www.edmontonarts.ab.ca


Should Have Theatre thanks Dr. Roald Hoffmann for generously entrusting his play’s premiere production  to us and for travelling twice to Edmonton to work with us during its development. www.roaldhoffmann.com